Freeee for me halloween decor

My FAVORITE holiday is halloween. Pumkins, candy, and dressing up. Its the BEST. And besides christmas it seems to be the easiest thing to make crazy fun decorations. Idealy I would love to have fancy smanshy classy halloween decor. example being….

But I am pretty sure they Imagefreaking painted their wall with a haunted house scene.. and that must have cost alot. And I dont have alot. Idealy even a few dollars spent is ok most of the time. Ideas like this are generally what I go for


But I didnt even want to spend the money to get candy corn. First off thats a waste of candy. I understand candy corn is probably the worst tasting candy there is but it is STILL food. And I couldnt do it.. But part of the magic of halloween is childishly putting together spooky things! So I pulled out my contruction paper and my child safety scissors and whipped this out!


Its a vampire eating candy corn! yes.

and I made these little dudes


I made them with tissue paper and empty baby food jars and then drew faces on them. (they are ghosts). This is them in the dark


Next blog will hopefully be my decorations for the harry potter themed halloween party i want to have… 😀


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