Pinterest Sensory Bag



Look at this thing. Its intimidating. Is this what a baby needs?!?! I’m not saying its not awesome that some mom committed this much to sensory to make this giant board. But the fact that i have nothing “sensory” and people out there have these giant boards makes me feel like i should probably be doing something so my child doesnt turn out with no “sensory ability” or whatever the heck you benefit from with these things.

so when pinterest showed me this idea.. I figured it was so easy I should probably do it.


I’ll admit I didnt read the directions. I wish I had because what I did put water everywhere….

I just put a giant ziploc bag full of warm water, and a few plastic toys, and put it in this baking pan so if it leaked it didnt go everywhere… and let her slap at it. I dont know what she learned but she sure did have fun!


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