“Spice” up the marriage

Sometimes I find myself at home at night and bored. I have only one baby, and a very small apartment and most nights I find that these things work to my advantage, if the advantage is to give me 3 hours before my husband gets home and nothing at all to do. Of course this led to some pinteresting, and I found something to keep myself entertained.


April fools pranks.

No its not April. But I am not a patient person.. so I tried some out.

First this classic…

ImageThe old “ponytail holder on the sprayer thing” trick.

I was pretty excited about this one. 1. it was simple. 2. you get to hear your victim scream, which is always the best part of the prank. however I guess I never notice how mindlessley I pick crap up before I go to bed, because as I washed out a random bottle I found under the rocking chair..


This happened. And that is not just one spray, oh no. I died laughing, put the bottle in the dishwasher, answered the phone, went mindless again and sprayed myself a second time. thats twice on one shirt. I changed my shirt and was determined to be wiser the next time. I wasnt going near that sink. Until I did.

ImageThat was the third time.

I changed my shirt and got in bed, determined to not go out of the room until my husband came home and got as massively pranked as I have. When he got home I innocently asked him to get me a glass of water (through a pillow as I was trying not to laugh. anyone notice yet im a terrible pranker?) I quietly followed behind, and heard him turn on the water… and.. no scream. i jumped out in anger and saw I had apparently moved the rubber band away after the third time and never put it back on. soooooo this prank???

FAIL. fail fail.

However there was another prank I tried that night that involved sewing his underwear together. That worked out. But wasnt massively funny and involved my husbands underwear so Im not putting up a picture.


2 thoughts on ““Spice” up the marriage

  1. spallozzi says:

    I am dying laughing right now!!!

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