Pinterest Honey Garlic Crunch Chicken

So I found this yummy looking dish on pinterest, and having chicken in the fridge I decided to give it a try. I dont normally fry stuff (scared of popping oil.. dont want to let myself think about the fact that in reality I could be eating fried food in my house instead of healthy food) but I made broccoli with it so it canceled this out.


I would post the recipe but that seems silly. heres the link : Just know that it was pretty dang easy and involves frying chicken and dregging it in a sauce that is pretty easy to make.

This is how it turned out:

Yeah it doesnt look the exact same. Does it ever? I didnt pound it out enough I guess but who cares cause…It was freaking good. Like scary good.

Fry it and try it.


Freeee for me halloween decor

My FAVORITE holiday is halloween. Pumkins, candy, and dressing up. Its the BEST. And besides christmas it seems to be the easiest thing to make crazy fun decorations. Idealy I would love to have fancy smanshy classy halloween decor. example being….

But I am pretty sure they Imagefreaking painted their wall with a haunted house scene.. and that must have cost alot. And I dont have alot. Idealy even a few dollars spent is ok most of the time. Ideas like this are generally what I go for


But I didnt even want to spend the money to get candy corn. First off thats a waste of candy. I understand candy corn is probably the worst tasting candy there is but it is STILL food. And I couldnt do it.. But part of the magic of halloween is childishly putting together spooky things! So I pulled out my contruction paper and my child safety scissors and whipped this out!


Its a vampire eating candy corn! yes.

and I made these little dudes


I made them with tissue paper and empty baby food jars and then drew faces on them. (they are ghosts). This is them in the dark


Next blog will hopefully be my decorations for the harry potter themed halloween party i want to have… ­čśÇ

Sensory Play II

Louisa LOVES the play with the paper at the doctors office


So I found this in my art box and let her play with it!


These things are rolled up on tubes like toilet paper, so what started out small turned into this..


Turned into this…




Louisa gets teeth!


┬áShe has been a champ at teething. I didnt even know she was teething until she had them! My girl is tuff ­čśë

Pinterest Sensory Bag



Look at this thing. Its intimidating. Is this what a baby needs?!?! I’m not saying its not awesome that some mom committed this much to sensory to make this giant board. But the fact that i have nothing “sensory” and people out there have these giant boards makes me feel like i should probably be doing something so my child doesnt turn out with no “sensory ability” or whatever the heck you benefit from with these things.

so when pinterest showed me this idea.. I figured it was so easy I should probably do it.


I’ll admit I didnt read the directions. I wish I had because what I did put water everywhere….

I just put a giant ziploc bag full of warm water, and a few plastic toys, and put it in this baking pan so if it leaked it didnt go everywhere… and let her slap at it. I dont know what she learned but she sure did have fun!

Crusty Pinterest Bread

I cant bake. There is some sort of a saying, or just a general knowledge of “those who can cook cant bake and those who can bake cant cook” and I am for sure the first one. I cant bake cookies that come prepackaged and all you have to do is put them on a baking sheet. I dont follow recipes, I dont like to measure, and I dont like math. But… Its almost autumn and that means soup, and bakery bread is expensive. So I tried my hand at bread making. I went with this pin because of the generally easiness (only 3 ingredients and no kneading) and the fact that it was crusty, which is nice. Here is the pin and the recipe link:


This is how it turned out!

ImageIt was amazing! Crusty and yummy. My friend and I ate it with chocolate bars.


Testing.. “Miracle carpet stain remover”

I would like to start off by saying, this wasn’t my fault. I didn’t make these stains. I swear my house is clean.. They were here when we got here. And I have tried EVERYTHING on them. everything. Various stain removers, including spot-shot, my personal fav; Homemade cleaners (soap and water..) vinegar, Nothing worked at all. Then I came upon this pinterest post and thought this made the most sense to me scientifically.


heat? check. extremely strong cleaning smell? check. somewhere for the stain to go besides into the atmosphere? check. so I did it and here were the results.

First here is a square of the carpet before:

ImageI know right? gross.

So I gathered the miracle formula: 1 large white towel. 1 parts hot water to 1 part ammonia (put into a spare squirt bottle) and 1 hot iron. I sprayed down a few spots that were close to each other,┬álaid down the towel and ironed away. There was a learning curve. First I recommend you don’t get overenthusiastic and pick your spots randomly or you will be sitting on ammonia later. Second you need only iron for a second or you will end up burning your towel.

but here are the results!:

ImageYeah! this was also taken when the carpet was still wet. so those darker spots are not stains anymore but just wet spots.

I hope this works for you as well as it did for me!

(note. don’t do this around pets or babies.┬áAnd do this in a well ventilated area unless you want a headache as massive as┬áI now have)

“Spice” up the marriage

Sometimes I find myself at home at night and bored. I have only one baby, and a very small apartment and most nights I find that these things work to my advantage, if the advantage is to give me 3 hours before my husband gets home and nothing at all to do. Of course this led to some pinteresting, and I found something to keep myself entertained.


April fools pranks.

No its not April. But I am not a patient person.. so I tried some out.

First this classic…

ImageThe old “ponytail holder on the sprayer thing” trick.

I was pretty excited about this one. 1. it was simple. 2. you get to hear your victim scream, which is always the best part of the prank. however I guess I never notice how mindlessley I pick crap up before I go to bed, because as I washed out a random bottle I found under the rocking chair..


This happened. And that is not just one spray, oh no. I died laughing, put the bottle in the dishwasher, answered the phone, went mindless again and sprayed myself a second time. thats twice on one shirt. I changed my shirt and was determined to be wiser the next time. I wasnt going near that sink. Until I did.

ImageThat was the third time.

I changed my shirt and got in bed, determined to not go out of the room until my husband came home and got as massively pranked as┬áI have. When he got home┬áI innocently asked him to get me┬áa glass of water (through a pillow as I was trying not to laugh. anyone notice yet im a terrible pranker?) I quietly followed behind, and heard him turn on the water… and.. no scream. i jumped out in anger and saw┬áI had apparently moved the rubber band away after the third time and never put it back on. soooooo this prank???

FAIL. fail fail.

However there was another prank I tried that night that involved sewing his underwear together. That worked out. But wasnt massively funny and involved my husbands underwear so Im not putting up a picture.

What I intend for this blog.

This blog will be-

About my learning experiences

About motherhood, marriage, homemaking, and life

Maybe some recipes or pinterest reviews involved

Definitely some crafting

Tended to erratically

Ever evolving

Made by me